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Grid Advisors, LLC (“Grid Advisors”) was founded in 2017 by a group of seasoned professionals to provide world-class, value-added technical and strategic advisory services for the global power delivery industry. The firm contributes significant expertise in planning, operations and maintenance of electric transmission and distribution systems, in power system analysis and simulation, in independent due diligence reviews and audits, and in regulatory, sector reform, and transaction support. Grid Advisors currently has 2 full-time experienced staff members located in Houston, Texas. We supplement our staff with a large network of subcontractors many of whom are recognized experts in the energy sector.


Grid Advisors’ professionals have successfully completed assignments in many countries around the world, include several in Africa (e.g., recently in Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Zambia, Benin and Togo, to name a few) and have worked (and are working) with the World Bank group in numerous engagements.


We provide our private, public, and regulatory clients with a full range of consulting services that includes transmission and distribution planning, appraisals and valuations, energy and renewable energy planning, business planning and strategy, and merger and acquisition support. Our professionals have first-hand technical expertise, real world management experience, and front-line business acumen from a full spectrum of companies in engineering and construction, transmission and distribution, and power generation and sales.

Our client base is broad. We serve power companies; private investors, investment and commercial banks; multilateral institutions; regulatory agencies; and governments worldwide.

We help our clients understand and deal with the complex technical and business implications of developing, owning, and operating power delivery assets and networks. Our advice is aimed at maximizing the value of T&D assets as part of an overall electricity value chain. We identify key risks and recommend actionable mitigation measures, evaluate and prioritize expenditures, recommend optimal asset management programs and provide expert support to the various sector stakeholders in the furtherance of their business objectives.

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